Silver Creek Tubing on the Green River
Silver Creek Tubing on the Green River

What to Bring

In order to enjoy your tubing adventure we offer a few words of wisdom. The main thing being, never take anything on the river you don't mind losing!!!  This includes items such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, expensive sunglasses and especially keys. We strongly suggest leaving the items at home or hidden and locked in your vehicle. We will gladly hold your keys for you while you enjoy your trip. 


Sunscreen should be worn while on the river, waterproof is suggested. Most any apparel may be worn, we see it all from jeans to bikinis. We consider shoes a must, you never know whats on the bottom of a river. Shoes will also help walking to and from the river. Tennis shoes work well but water shoes are the best. We really don't need any more flip flops floating down the river. We also encourage you to take a bottle of water, it taste much better than river water.  


We also offer soft drinks, water and snack items at the registration booth. Small coolers can be taken down the river on a cooler tube.These should not be styrofoam as they very seldom make it in one piece.


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should alcohol or illegal drugs be taken on the river!!! The Green River is an alcohol free zone. No alcohol is permitted within 50 ft of the river, as the river is located on protected game lands. Coolers and packs are subject to search by Wildlife Officers. Those of you that think this does not mean me, remember we do not give refunds because you went to jail.

Tubing on the Green River

Silver Creek Tubing
5373 Green River Cove Road
Saluda, N.C. 28773

Phone: 828 894 2331

Office Hours

We are open 7 days a week.

11:00 AM until 5:00 PM


Subject to weather conditions

we may not be in the office,

call 828-894-2331 for assistance.


Reservations, normally aren't required unless you have a large group. For any and all questions call (828) 894-2331.

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